The NBA is back in action this week, which means it is time to fire up our NBA predictions and see exactly what the team’s future may hold. You could be surprised to learn the 2018-19 Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets seem great on paper, while the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings… don’t.
OK, so that is not surprising in any way. But in the vast space between the favorites and bottom-feeders, there are nonetheless some interesting storylines and players to watch. And we’ll be bringing you a new way to adhere to these developments all season long following a tweak to how we make predictions this year. Scroll down to the bottom if you would like the full details, but in a nutshell, our interactive page today contains two projection options: pure Elo and CARMELO.1 The former is well known to FiveThirtyEight readers — it is the very simple version that appears on our franchise pages — although the latter is far more complicated, using team depth charts and upgrading player ratings to track exactly how much talent is on each team (after accounting for trades, injuries and disgruntled teammates).

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